Humanizing Dementia Care in Long-Term Care Homes


Please join us for a webinar on January 11th at 12:00 where Aimée Foreman will discuss the importance of community relationships and the benefits of this emotion-based model of care as it relates to staff and residents satisfaction.

Long-term care homes need to be led by love, compassion and human connection but unfortunately this is still not the norm. Too many long-term care homes are struggling to provide relationship-based care where human connection is paramount in the care provided. It is not that staff do not care, but rather the care model does not support and empower staff to be inclusive of resident needs and wishes.

When good leaders in long-term care homes empower, educate, and show how great it feels when people living with dementia are fulfilled, are understood, and are thriving, then everyone wins!

Join us for a webinar on January 11th at 12:00 EDT where we discuss how to humanize dementia care. For more information and registration: Humanizing Dementia Care in Long-Term Care (1) (1)

Please share this information with your family members and contacts. See you there!

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    1. Yes, you need to register for the webinar.
      If you click on ‘read more’ the full blog post will appear and there is a link there that will connect you with more information and registration.
      Hope this helps.

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