Change Long-Term Care:

Welcome to Change LTC Now, where we advocate for transforming long-term care homes from institutions to homes. This change will enrich the quality of life for residents, families, and staff!

Our Mission

CARP Ottawa’s Advocacy Working Group on Long-term Care (CAWG) has been working with other like-minded provincial and local organizations to influence changing long-term care homes from institutions to homes.  This means transitioning from the traditional, medical/task-oriented model of care to a person-centred approach, an approach where 12-16 residents live in a smaller home-like environment , and where residents, staff and families all live with the dignity and respect they deserve.  See Institutions to Homes for more details.

CARP Ottawa is a local chapter of the Canadian Association for Retired
Persons – A new Vision for Aging, one of Canada’s largest advocacy
organizations with over 200,000 members, the majority of whom live in

Residents, Staff and Families Need Your Help

Make a difference! YOU – as concerned citizens and informal caregivers, have the power to motivate and champion the innovation needed to change long-term care homes from institutions to homes.

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