Webinars & Videos

Humanizing Dementia Care in Long-Term Care
Presenter: Aimee Foreman, CEO Silvermark

What is Long-Term Care?Healthcare, a home, or both? Or is it even a choice?
Presenter: Dr. George Heckman, Geriatrician & Schlegel Research Chair of Geriatric Medicine

What Does Emotion-Based Care Look Like in Practice
Presenter: Sally Knocker, Consultant, Meaningful Care Matters

Moving from Institutional to Emotion-Based Care
Presenters: Mary Connell and Gerry Kupferschmidt

Greenhouse Project: Blueprint for Change
Presenter: Susan Ryan, Senior Director, The Greenhouse Project

Life Worth Living: The Eden Alternative®
Presenter: Suellen Beatty, CEO Sherbrooke Community Centre

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Gerry: A Caregiver Perspective

Meaningful Care Matters: Butterfly Approach

Staff Perspective: The Butterfly Model

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