Where is the public outcry?


Recently published in an Ontario newspaper:

“I recently met a group at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. We spent time in front of the controversial Chagall painting that was to be sold abroad. The auction was stopped due to public outcry. The result? The painting was returned to the walls of the National Gallery

One of the group remarked on the freedoms Canadians enjoy, such as voicing an opinion, being heard and respected. This comment got me wondering: Why is there no public outcry about our long-term care (LTC) homes in Ontario? How do we change our apathy, demand not just an incremental change but for a change in the model of delivery?

We must exercise our privileged right to be heard. Our most fragile and vulnerable population deserves our outrage. Address your concerns to your new city councillors and your MPPs.”

Submitted by Rose Ann, a caregiver (Rose Ann is pictured above with her spouse, Ron, who has since passed away)


6 Replies to “Where is the public outcry?”

  1. Where is the public outcry? Certainly, the change has to initiate on the political level. However, politicians will need to be motivated the do that. How? There is a strong stigma attached when it comes to seniors who have dementia. The long-term care homes are filled with persons with dementia. Caregivers need to be educated as advocates for their loved ones. They need to advocate for the treatment seniors receive in long-term cares homes including the medical care they receive from doctors. In both cases, the care is substandard. Caregiver advocates would be better served to start at the grassroots level instead of the political level. Federal, provincial, and municipal politicians continue to erroneously blame seniors for the rising cost of health care. There is very little outcry when that misplaced blame is voiced in the media by municipal health administration. Over the last 15 to 20 yers, successive liberal and conservative (federal and provincial) governments keep promising to something about long-term care homes. These are hollow promises that amount to nothing.

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