The Green House Model: A Blueprint for Change

Leonard Florence Center for Living outside Boston, Massachusetts

On November 24th, around 200 people registered for the webinar, The Green House Model: A Blueprint for Change. Susan Ryan, Senior Director of The Green House Project gave a dynamic presentation on the model and its positive impact on the lives of elders in the United States. The Green House model is “revolutionizing care and empowering lives’’ Susan said.

Here are just a few key comments that Susan shared about this emotion-based model of care:

  • During COVID-19, every Green House home fared much better in number of cases and less deaths than traditional homes. Smaller is better!
  • A meaningful life is about relationships, autonomy and control, purposeful engagements, honouring natural rhythms, and social connectedness.
  • Transformative culture change is all about deinstitutionalizing long-term care
  • We all want/need to be seen, heard and known as unique individuals
  • Ongoing learning is required by all for sustainability of any culture change.

Please listen and share this inspiring presentation.   Click on the link here.


3 Replies to “The Green House Model: A Blueprint for Change”

  1. The Green House Model webinar is very inspiring. Thank you to all who work toward reforms in Long Term Care.

  2. Each one of us is responsible for brining changes in long-term care for our loved ones and for all of humanity. A system’s approach to LTC and teamwork (to include family members as pack leaders) will bring about desirable changes.

    Dr. Ethelle Lord
    Founding President
    International Caregivers Association

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments.
      Hopefully we will all do our share to make these desirable changes happen.

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