Will the Government Take Action?

The long awaited Report from the Independent Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission is now available! Since COVID-19 began over a year ago, nearly 4000 residents in LTC homes have died as well as staff who worked in these homes. After the first wave, recommendations were made to the government regarding staff, PPE, and infection control measures but the government did not act. As a result, there were more deaths from the second wave of COVID-19 than the first!

We now have the Report from the Commissioners, who should be congratulated for listening to the more than 700 persons interviewed, because they got it! The problems in LTC homes have been years in the making. COVID-19 exacerbated all the failings that we knew were there! The commissioners made 85 recommendations covering all aspects of LTC but the quote that stands out is, “We need a philosophy of care that is anchored in respect, compassion and kindness for the people who live and work in long-term care. There needs to be a transformation toward a person-centred care model, which motivates different behaviours, and rewards innovation that leads to better outcomes for residents and staff.” Click here for the full report.

What is needed now is the government to act! Leaders at every level need to step up and make a commitment to make sure that the recommendations of this Report are carried out. Our residents, families and staff in long-term care homes deserve nothing less.

There is great danger that this Report will sit on a shelf along with other past Reports that have addressed the failings of LTC. Please send a letter to your MPP encouraging the government to take action NOW on the recommendations in this Report.

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