Moving from Institutional to Emotion-based Care


Malton Village, Region of Peel

Over 125  persons attended a recent webinar on “Moving from Institutional to Emotion-based Care” co-hosted by Family Councils of Ontario (FCO) and C.A.R.P. (Canadian Association for Retired Persons) Ottawa Chapter.

The webinar featured Mary Connell who implemented the first Butterfly Model home in Ontario in Peel Region  and Gerry Kupferschmidt whose wife lives in a Butterfly Model unit at Sheridan Villa Long-term Care Home in Mississauga.

An emotion-based model of care is the heart of all the innovative models (Eden, Hogewey, Butterfly, and Green House) that have been implemented in some long-term care homes in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.

To watch the webinar,  click here:

3 Replies to “Moving from Institutional to Emotion-based Care”

  1. Once again Mary Connell informs us in a clear, concise way as to how transformative culture change can assist all seniors in long-term care facilities to benefit from emotion based care as opposed to institutional care. The emphases is on the senior not the task! How refreshing & much more beneficial to the seniors!

  2. It has been decades with these poor soles living in conditions that are deplorable. It is up to all of us to see these changes to fruition. We Need to keep our push on the governments to make further improvements. Having the 4 hour care is an improvement. This only takes place when the have the staff to implement. Let us keep in mind this project and keep pushing ahead. Marj.

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