Ontario Election Day, Thursday June 2nd

The CARP 5
This is what CARP heard in the campaign:

CARP members will be glad to know that their issues were indeed a major part of most party platforms! The Report Card above illustrates where each party came down on the CARP 5 issues. Whatever the result of the June 2nd election, this campaign for change does not end. THE CARP 5 issues will be the first topics of discussion with elected Ministers and MPPs. Your support and the collective voice of all people is needed to continue to press for needed investments and improvements in our long-term care home system!



2 Replies to “Ontario Election Day, Thursday June 2nd”

  1. Now more than ever we have to continue putting pressure on this governmen.
    From your graph above it is cleat in my opinion that the PC party is noncommittal, a shame. This means we have to keep the pressure up. I am in

    1. Thanks for your support. We couldn’t agree more. We must continue to keep up the pressure!

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