Hugs become OK in Sunnyside Home!






Congratulations to Sunnyside Home Long-Term Care home, the first home in Waterloo Region to be accredited in the “Butterfly” model of care, which creates a more homelike space for residents.

Connie Lacy, Director of Seniors’ Services at the Region of Waterloo, says that “It’s not about the task, it’s about the kind of care a family member would give.” Staff engage with residents in more human ways: having tea, offering a hand massage or painting fingernails”. Read more here.

Sunnyside has 49 beds within their LTC home converted into the Butterfly model of care. The home has seen a reduction in the use of antipsychotic medication, increased resident and staff satisfaction and improved quality of interactions.

Sunnyside long-term care home has joined nearly 20 other long-term care homes in Ontario in providing a model of care that promotes dignity and quality of life for our seniors. What about the long-term care homes in your area. Have they embraced an emotion-based model of care or are they still sitting on the fence? It can be done and is proving to be successful!

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  1. Congratulations on providing person-centred care each day every day so that the residents are self-fulfilled and receive care quality and quality living.

  2. Wonderful news for everyone involved especially the client. I can not see why everyone would not be happier in this model of care. To have the clients wishes come first instead of a regiment type of care is wonderful news. For a long time these dear souls have had to fit into a mould that fit everyone but themselves. I can not imagine someone getting me up at 5am to prepare me for breakfast at 8 am. So inhumane, just think of this scenario. Does it really matter everyone is washed and dressed for breakfast? I eat my breakfast lots of times in my pj’s

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