Where Is The Air Conditioning?

There is so much to be done yet the need for radical change in Ontario’s long-term care home system seems to keep falling on deaf ears.

For example, as reported in the August 2022 CARP ACTION bulletin, “Approximately 90 long term care homes in Ontario still do not have air conditioning despite promises and commitments by various elected officials including Premier Doug Ford.”

Bill VanGorder, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Policy Officer, comments, “This year there was legislation that all long-term care homes have air conditioning in place and many of them don’t. Once again, we’re seeing a regulation that’s in place to protect seniors and it’s not actually enforced.”  Click here to read more: CARP Action

Get involved and demand change now in Ontario’s long-term care homes: contact and meet with your MPP, write letters to the editor of national and local newspapers, organize a petition, and the list goes on.



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