Transforming City Of Toronto’s Municipal Homes


On April 5th, Councillor Josh Matlow gave a webinar on steps that are being taken to transform  care at the 10 Municipal Homes in Toronto. Josh, a community advocate par excellence, has spearheaded a movement which will change the current warehousing approach to one which is called CareTO. This approach, informed by research,  will focus on lessons learned from existing innovative models of care and bring evidence into action.

Currently, the CareTO model is being piloted at Lakeshore Lodge and being evaluated by the Wellesley Institute in Toronto. Based on the results of this evaluation, the CareTO model will eventually be rolled out into all the Municipal Homes. To learn more, click here.

We need more long-term care homes that look and feel like “home.” Please help make this transformation from institutions to homes a reality by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts; or with your municipal or provincial representatives; or with your local community papers or other media contacts who might help promote this cause!

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  1. It is about time!!! My dearest husband had to experience the indifference of many a staff/team member. Teach them some approach with humanity!!

    1. Well said! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Sorry though to hear about your dear husband’s experience.

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