Webinar: Overhauling Quebec’s long-term care homes with small more “humane’ homes

A Green House Dining Room

At the May 17th webinar, Stéphane Bouffard, long-term care consultant at  la Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux in Quebec, spoke in no uncertain terms about the progress that is being made to do just that.  His passionate presentation outlined Quebec’s strategic plan to transform long-term care homes from institutions to homes where the focus on new builds has already begun.   The projected size of the units will range from 12 to 15 residents and the care approach has been adapted from existing innovative models including the Green House, and the Hogeweyk Village model.


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  1. This is excellent! I have implemented a person-centred care (PCC) model within a LTCH in Ontario and the results were enhanced care quality and QOL….such a difference to the level of satisfaction of the residents and their families. I prepared a slide presentation on PCC and would be happy to share with any stakeholders.

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