First Green House Homes Outside the U.S. Open in Australia

A Green House Dining Room (copied with permission)

ACH Group in Australia recently opened Healthia, the first full implementation of the Green House Care model outside of the United States.

Susan Ryan, CEO of the Centre for Innovation, said “Working with the ACH Group to implement the Green House model has shown the world that small, intentional care communities can work everywhere.”

In its news release, it noted that the Green House Project (GHP) has worked with providers across the United States to build small-home alternatives to traditional nursing homes. With private rooms and bathrooms, ample outdoor space, and a person-directed care philosophy, these homes of no more than 10 to 12 residents have redefined the standard for empowering and high-quality eldercare.  Click here to read more

The GHP is one of several innovative models that transform long-term care homes from ‘institutions to homes’; other models include  but are not limited to: Eden Alternative, the Butterfly Approach, and Hogeweyk.

Transformation is happening and there are Homes in Ontario, Canada, and beyond who have changed their Institutions into Homes! Please join us as Champions for Change in Long-term Care Now by forwarding this post to your contacts, MP, MPP and city councillor.

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