Webinar: Sunnyside’s long-term care home has taken off!


On September 13th, we heard from Lindsay Marinovic and Julie Wheeler about the transformation that has taken off at Sunnyside. While it took two years to obtain accreditation, the Butterfly approach on two units was obtained in July 2022.

Lindsay and Julie provided information about the process they followed as well as lessons learned: change takes time; environmental change is not the most important thing; schedules and tasks were replaced with flexibility; staff are connecting with residents at an emotional level. Staff say they don’t want to feel they are on an assembly line and that the most important thing is getting to know the person, engaging in activities, building meaningful relationships in a long-term care home that looks and feels like home! Click here to learn more!

Transformation is happening and there are Homes in Ontario, Canada, and beyond who have changed their Institutions into Homes! Please join us as Champions for Change in Long-term Care Now  by forwarding this post to your contacts, MP, MPP and city councillor.

2 Replies to “Webinar: Sunnyside’s long-term care home has taken off!”

  1. I am a Behavioral support person in a long term care home in Markham and I have the best interest of the residents that lives here.
    I would appreciate it if the government would have the healthcare worker’s back like we have the residents back.
    We would love it if our home could get the support to make it more of a home than a facility setting.
    Please answer our call, we look forward for your support as we support our senior’s, and as they supported you when they could.

    1. We are doing our best to get the word out and to increase awareness in the general public. Keep up your good work to create a more homelike environment for your residents.
      Feel free to share the webinars recordings on our site with those whom you feel could benefit.

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