Canada’s first Dementia Village!

Dec 2018

Canada’s first community designed, specifically for people with dementia opens in June 2019 Langley B.C.

It’s called The Village. Comprised of six, single-story cottage-style homes and a community centre, The Village will be home to 78 people with dementia, an umbrella term that includes people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain diseases associated with aging. Care will be provided by 72 specially trained staff.

At The Village, residents are not seen as dementia patients; they see the person and their story first. They believe that every person’s fundamental desire to achieve well-being, purpose and fulfillment does not diminish with age or dementia.

The Village’s design was inspired by Hogewey, the world’s first dementia village, in The Netherlands. What makes The Village different from traditional nursing homes is that residents will be able to shop, have a coffee, walk their dog, get their hair cut and take part in activities such as gardening by themselves.

All of us can advocate for change in a system that needs to be changed.  You can start by contacting your local councillor, Mayor or MPP to make a difference and change the way that long-term care is delivered.

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4 Replies to “Canada’s first Dementia Village!”

  1. This is encouraging news. What do we know about how the village was funded (public/private) and the cost to those who will live there? That would be of interest when contacting our MPP. Thank you for this and for your blog.

    1. Barb. Thanks so much for sending in your comments. This is a very extensive, private venture and will be very expensive for sure. However, Providence Health Care is also looking to build something similar to the Netherlands Hogewey Village Model in Metro Vancouver in the next few years. And this will be a non-profit – and no doubt much modified version of the Village project in Langley. However, the more innovation we can learn from, the better.

  2. I read about this some time ago and asked about the cost. It’s very expensive, can’t remember the cost exactly but it is the same as a private residence.

    1. Susan. You are right, it is a private project and will be very expensive. However, we are hoping that we can all learn from the fact that they are bringing in this innovative model from the Netherlands. If they prove that it works, it is our hope that perhaps others can consider a modified version that would not be as expensive. Thanks for taking the time to send your thoughts.

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