Where are our Champions?

“We have an opportunity to be leaders” Toronto City Councillor Matlow says.  Where are the champions of long-term care homes in our other Canadian cities?

Recently the Region of Peel in Ontario bought into a transformational model of care for long-term care homes from the U.K. called the Butterfly Model.  Following Peel’s lead, Toronto City Council commissioned a report to review the various innovative models in existence in Canada, the U.S., the Netherlands and elsewhere. See the link to the article here.

Time will tell whether or not this leadership from Peel and Toronto will result in the sweeping changes needed for a sustainable culture change in our long-term care home systems.

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2 Replies to “Where are our Champions?”

  1. You and the people from CARP have been working very hard to influence the new Ottawa City Council to include emotion-based long term care in their plans. Let’s hope that there is a political champion that steps forward to join the care specialists who have been championing this movement for some time.

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