Yet another Butterfly Model approved in London, Ontario!!!

Congratulations to Henley Place Home in London, Ontario for receiving its Butterfly Model of Care accreditation in December 2020. It joins Henley House in St. Catharines, Ontario which received it accreditation in December 2019.

When will other long-term care home providers rise to the challenge and begin to implement innovative models?

Kudos to Primacare Living Solutions, the provider of these homes for their leadership in implementing transformative culture change in their homes. And yes, more to come – Primacare has a third home (Burton Manor in Brampton, ON) currently undergoing Butterfly accreditation that should be completed in the fall 2021.

Please advocate for change by contacting your local councillor, your MPP, or organizations urging them to bring this change to your community.

6 Replies to “Yet another Butterfly Model approved in London, Ontario!!!”

  1. Excellent news. Onward and forward. Each additional facility is a positive step in transforming the approach to longterm care.

  2. This is wonderful. Step by step. We all need to keep pushing. Premier Ford can be a lot of hot air. Where is our Minister of Long term care hiding. Betty Shields

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