Shining a light on the tragedies of COVID-19

The Toronto Star article on Crisis of Care printed Feb 7, 2021, focuses on the “inertia” of government that has led to a failure of the long-term care home system.

For more than four decades, a doctor working in the system has witnessed:

  • Poor business decisions that affected delivery of quality of care
  • Too much time spent on paperwork and not enough time on direct care of residents
  • Not enough adequately trained staff
  • Verbal, physical or sexual abuse of residents

And now more than 3000 residents have died from COVID-19. In April, Premier Doug Ford called “the widening cracks in the long-term care system a wake-up call to the world” and spoke of the need to form an “iron ring” around vulnerable seniors. Well, that has not happened. In fact since April, there have been many more deaths due to Covid-19 than there were in the first wave. When will the government stop promising and start doing? How many more deaths are needed before inertia turns to action. Our vulnerable seniors deserve nothing less than to live their remaining years in a safe, caring environment. Read more here.

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