Transformation to Butterfly model of care coming to long-term care home in Orangeville

Photo courtesy of Jarlette Health Services
Photo courtesy of Jarlette Health Services

On July 6, 2022, Jarlette Health Services announced that it has begun a transformation to the Butterfly Approach to care at its Avalon long-term care home in Orangeville, Ontario.

It is embracing “the Butterfly Approach” to help create a more natural home and community setting. This includes fostering stronger interpersonal relationships between residents and team members, building daily routines around peoples’ needs and interests, and creating a living environment which more strongly resembles a private dwelling.

The care model, which has already been implemented in parts of Ontario, elsewhere in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, has a proven record of positive outcomes for residents, including improved physical and emotional health and well-being, reduced use of medication, and greater engagement by residents in daily life.

The Butterfly Approach will be implemented at other Jarlette Health Services communities in the months ahead.”   Read more here  Butterfly Approach to care in Avalon Care Centre


6 Replies to “Transformation to Butterfly model of care coming to long-term care home in Orangeville”

  1. The Canadian government and Provincial governments need to take immediate action to begin to address the numerous problems in long term care homes including mandating and funding proper staff/patient ratios. It is appalling that we as a society do not treat our frail and elderly with more care and compassion.
    Andy Henderson Niagara Falls

  2. Enough with the funding and staffing ratios. More of the same not good enough. Currently there are 30 thousand residents in Ontario having to share rooms some are living in 4 bedroom wards many roommates with dementia. Major labour reform is needed. Jarlette actions and programs should be supported and applauded. Unfortunately we are on the wrong track with a focus on employee’s needs and not our resident’s needs. More regulations and a punitive approach from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care will continue to support the current problems that exist in our long term care homes.

    1. Thanks for your comments and encouragement of the type of leadership and action taken by Jarlette. Let’s hope it catches on. We must continue to advocate for major reform. We have had too much of more of the same for decades!

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