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Did you know that staff turnover is less in the Green House model of care?

For nearly two decades, The Green House Project, an emotion-based model of care, has received praise and positive media coverage for bringing the humanity back to eldercare. But while the model itself is a major departure from the status quo, the math behind it is quite straightforward: Operators that adopt Green House principles find themselves with fuller communities, a more engaged and satisfied workforce, substantially lower risk of COVID outbreaks, and costs that are either in line with or lower than traditional facilities, which typically operate with much greater overhead.

Green House’s unique staffing structure results in greater workplace satisfaction and lower levels of stress for frontline caregivers. Staff turnover is substantially lower than traditional nursing facilities: In 2021, Green House homes had a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistants), much like our PSWs, turnover rate of 33.5%, compared to nearly 130% among traditional nursing facilities prior to the pandemic. Read more here


Emotion-based model of care is one which has smaller environments, 8-16 residents/unit; communal dining room and kitchen; where full-time staff actually know their residents and where residents, staff and families are all valued as a part of the team sharing times of laughter, joy and meaningful activities.

What is most important is that your family member has quality of life in the years remaining. Learn more about emotion-based models of care at www.changeltcnow.ca and contact your MPP now to advocate for emotion-based models of care in all our long-term care homes!

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