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Please join our grassroots movement to bring transformative culture change to Ontario’s long-term care homes.  You can do this by sending the following letter, or something similar in your own words, to the Minister of Long-term Care, Merrilee Fullerton. Please copy your own MPP (MPP names and emails are here) and CARP Ottawa at to help us evaluate the interest in this campaign.

“Dear Minister Fullerton, (

Thank you for setting up the Independent Commission to look at what changes need to be made regarding our long-term care home system in Ontario.

As a concerned citizen of Ontario, I would like to strongly recommend that you invite CARP Ottawa to have representation on this Commission.  CARP is Canada’s largest non-partisan advocacy association for older Canadians, with more than 320,000 members, most of whom are in Ontario.  In the past, CARP has successfully advocated for more federal funding for homecare, a reduction in the senior’s drug co-pay in Ontario, free high-dose influenza vaccine to adults over 65 in Ontario and an inquiry into safety and staffing in Ontario long-term care homes.

With seniors in Canada outnumbering the number of children, policy making in Canada that affects other Canadians is more important now than it has ever been.  CARP past successes in healthcare, combined with the strength in their membership uniquely positions them to represent the interests of older Ontarians.  CARP is advocating for a transformative culture change within the long-term care home system.

I believe, as you have stated many times, that Ontario’s Long-term Care Home system is broken.  CARP has a vision for transforming our long-term care home system.

As a society we all want a long-term care home system that affords our family members a better quality of life.  Please act now to bring transformative culture change to Ontario’s long-term care home system.

Thank you for your consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you.”

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