MoneyWrecking ball

There is no quick fix. It will take time, money and a wrecking ball — along with a new public attitude toward aging to fix Canada’s long-term care facilities.

The following is an excerpt from a CBC interview on June 27th, 2020 by Evan Dyer.

“Long-term care needs a long term solution. It’s not going to get fixed overnight. And our concern certainly now at the Canadian Nurses Association is it’ll be a sort of duct tape solution — throw a few more staff in and pay them a little bit more and it will be fine. And it won’t.
There are fundamental issues that need to be tackled in long-term care. So you have people in rooms of four or two, or you have a single room with a Jack and Jill bathroom — all kinds of places for disease to move.

It’s hard to imagine but many of those places don’t have air conditioning. So one of the things that staff do to make residents more comfortable is they will congregate them in a lounge or in a hallway and put large fans on them to help them cool off. Well, that’s a recipe for disaster right there. But pandemic measures on their own won’t lead to lasting change unless Canadians themselves change the way they think about aging and elder care.”  See full article here.

Michael Villeneuve, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Nurses Association.



  1. I applaud all your efforts to get the ltc issues solved! It is going to be a huge job, since old style thinking will need to be changed. I am a senior. Right now I would not want my children to put me into any Ltc facility in this province ( Ontario).

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